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At Ash & Oak Gifts, we strive to operate our business using environmentally sustainable practices where possible.  Our clients can feel good about choosing us for their gifting needs and here are a few ways we are making a difference:

Responsible Sourcing

We are proud to offer our clients gifts that are honestly produced, prioritizing products that are chemical free with natural ingredients.   We support Canadian small businesses that share our commitment to be environmentally responsible.

Gift Packaging

Our curated gift collection contains boxes that are made from 100% recycled material and we use paper based gift box filler which can be recycled responsibly.  We encourage our clients and gift recipients to save and repurpose our gift packaging, especially our beautiful wood boxes and satin ribbon.

Shipping Packaging

Gifts may be shipped to recipients using gently used shipping boxes in an effort to be environmentally conscious.  We do not want you to worry, the gift inside will be beautifully wrapped!


We are proud to work with local courier services that can deliver our gifts using public transit in Toronto.  When applicable, this helps us deliver a more environmentally friendly service by reducing carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere.

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